Function Controls / Current lake levels

Here you will find the current dates on which function controls will be carried out on the closing mechanisms. Lower-lying waters must not be accessed on these days. Please note: These areas should generally not be accessed as there is always an element of risk involved!


Function Control Dates for 2014

  • Oberaar: 2nd September 2014
  • Grimsel (Spittellamm): 3rd September 2014
  • Gelmer: 4th September 2014
  • Räterichsboden: 4th September 2014
  • 0-production day: 18th November 2014
    (Handeck, Innertkirchen, Hopflauenen, Fuhren)
  • 0-production day: 30th November 2014
    (Grimsel 1 und Grimsel 2)

Stay well back of dry riverbeds. They can quickly change into rapidly flowing waterways. The KWO assumes no liability for accidents that may occur. 

Lake Levels

Lake levels are measured every 15 minutes and the graph adjusted. Lake levels are given in metres above sea level.