Besuch eine Delegation von ITAIPU in Innertkirchen

ITAIPU and KWO are working together

Itaipu is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world.  It lies on the river Paraná, on the border of Brazil and  Paraguay and is a binational company of these two countries. Over 90 terawatt hours of electricity is produced per year and, on final completion, will have an installed capacity of 14'000 megawatts.

The KWO moves in other dimensions:  an annual electricity production of 2,4 terawatt hours and an installed capacity of  1100 megawatts.

ITAIPU and KWO have agreed to exchange their knowledge, experience and know-how in the fields of technology, environmental and social issues.

Although the installations of these companies are very different, there are many similarities. Examples of which are the control systems, questions in regard to quality management, tourism and the environment.

ITAIPU sets new standards in regard to environmental and sustainable development: huge reforestation, vast efforts to ensure water quality, separate rivers for fish passes, ecologisation of the local farming industry, cooperation with universities, social facilities and a vocational training are some examples.